Engine 28

Engine 28 is a 2003 American LaFrance Metropolitan, and operates as a first-due rescue pumper. It’s features and equipment include :

  • Enclosed cab seats 5 firefighters (driver, officer and three firefighters)
  • 750 gallon water tank
  • 1250 gallon/min single stage pump
  • 1200 feet of large diameter supply hose (5″)
  • 2 – 200 foot 1.75 inch preconnect “crosslays” for primary fire attack
  • 100 foot 1.75 inch preconnect front bumper “trash line”
  • 250 feet of 3″ hose for supply relay or portable monitor deployment
  • 300 feet of 2.5″ hose for hand-held master stream firefighting
  • Pre-packed “high rise kit” for interior fire attack in multi-story commercial and residential structures with standpipes
  • 20 gallons of Foam, foam eductor, and aspirator
  • Pre-piped deck gun
  • 24 foot ground ladder, 14 foot roof ladder, and 12 foot attic ladder
  • Tarps, smoke ejector, overhaul tools and gear
  • 5 SCBA Air packs with spare air cylinders
  • Full compliment of hand-held forcible entry tools, K-12 Saw, Chain Saw, Reciprocating Saw and Aux. scene lighting
  • New Hurst EDraulic “Jaws of Life” Spreader, Cutter and Ram (thanks to a Firehouse Subs grant)
  • Fully stocked BLS medical gear and supplies
  • Rapid Intervention Team backup air supply and search rope kit

Brush 628

Brush 628 is a 2008 Type VI Brush Truck with Compressed Air Foam. It is been outfitted for wildland and brush firefighting, structural protection, Emergency Medical Response, Storm Recovery, and Rescue.   It’s features and equipment include :

  • 300 Gallon Water Tank
  • 25 Gallon Foam Tank
  • 125 gallon/min at 125 psi pump
  • 70 cfm compressor (used to create compressed air foam)
  • 600 feet of 1.75″ forestry hose
  • 500 feet of 1″ forestry hose
  • 200 foot 1″ booster line
  • Remote Controlled Front Bumper Nozzle
  • High-Intensity 4-head light tower
  • Forcible Entry Tools, Forestry Hand Tools and Chainsaw
  • 12,000 pound Warn Winch with wireless remote
  • Complete BLS Medical Gear (including O2 and AED)
  • 2 SCBA Air packs with spare air cylinders

It was built by Unruh Firefighting in Sedgewick, Kansas, made possible by FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.


Utility 28 and Air 28

Air 28 is a special trailer designed to refill the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) that allow firefighters to enter dangerous environments. A28 is a 2004 trailer built by Breathing Air Systems, and has 9 large high-pressure storage cylinders, and a protective 2-position fill station, capable of filling between 70 and 100 SCBA cylinders.  The trailer also has spare SCBA cylinders for hot-swap recycles, as well Air Conditioning, a misting fan, and canopy to support firefighter rehab on scene.

Utility 28, a 2007 Ford F250 4-wheel drive pickup truck, is used to tow the Air Trailer, as well as for off-road rescue and general logistics support.  The Air Trailer was obtained through FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant.


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